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Application Instructions and Timeline
​​​​​​   1.  Apply ​to the University of Delaware​ (By Jan. 15)
   2.  If applying with voice as primary instrument (any major), submit Voice Prescreening​ (Jan 15)

​​   3.  ​If applying for the Bachelor of Music in Composition, submit Composition Prescreening​ (Jan 1)
4. Request Your Audition!​ (By Jan. 15)​
   5.  Audition Confirmation Email
All applicants will receive, via email, confirmation of their upcoming audition. Confirmation emails will include details on the following:
  1. Audition date, approximate time, and location
  2. Driving and parking directions

   6.  Audition! (Jan. 30th, Jan. 31st, and Feb. 1st, 2018)
​Specific repertoire requirements for auditioning as a music major or minor can be found by selecting your instrument from the list below.