• ​​​​​​​​​​When will I receive my Admissions' decision?
Although Admissions notifies applicants with an admission decision within 8-12 weeks of submitting a completed application, those students wishing to be considered for one of our music majors must first complete their audition before an admission decision can be reached. To expedite the application review process, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all applicants to submit their Common Application and all required materials listed on the University of Delaware Undergraduate Admissions webpage as early as possible!

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Are music scholarships available?
All applicants who audition on the published audition dates are automatically considered for music scholarship; no additional application is required, although it is advised that students submit their FAFSA to receive awards based on demonstrated financial need. Please visit Student Financial Services for more information regarding financial aid and University funding opportunities. All prospective students who audition on any of these dates are automatically considered for music scholarship awards.

  • Do the professors provide audition feedback?
​​Professors do not publicize audition results nor do they provide feedback from a prospective student's audition.

  • Does acceptance into the Department of Music guarantee acceptance to the University of Delaware?
​​Acceptance to the Department of Music does NOT guarantee acceptance to the University of Delaware, or vice versa. You must be accepted to BOTH the University of Delaware Undergraduate Admissions AND the Department of Music in order to enroll as a Music Major.

  • ​When and what is Music Major Weekend?
​​Music Major Weekend, which takes place from a Sunday to Monday in mid-April, is an opportunity for all accepted prospective students to visit the Department of Music, stay overnight in the residence halls (with current Music Majors), eat in the dining halls, meet potential classmates and Music Department faculty, and shadow current Music Majors in their classes. It is a chance for prospective students to "test drive" the University of Delaware experience! Details about Music Major Weekend will be available in February.

  • Online Music Theory Placement Test?
​​The purpose of the Online Music Theory Placement Test is to help us understand a prospective student's current level of music literacy. Failing the test does NOT indicate that a student will not be successful as a Music Major, nor will it prevent an applicant from being accepted to the Department of Music as a Music Major. We use this test to structure our Music Theory curriculum to better cater to the needs of the incoming students. We do not recommend cramming for this test, because it is most effective as a current measure of a student's knowledge-base. We will send tests to students who have decided to attend UD after May 1st.

  • ​​Who should I contact with questions?
​​General questions about the audition/admissions process as well as academic programs should go to our Music Admissions Inbox​​If you have questions regarding instrumental audition repertoire or wish to arrange for a trial lesson with one of the Department of Music faculty, please contact the professor directly. Click here for the Departmental faculty/staff directory.