Admissions Information & Auditions

Acceptance to the University does not assure acceptance as a music major. All incoming majors and minors must audition and take an online Music Theory Placement Test before acceptance into the Department of Music is granted. Specific audition repertoire is required for each instrument; please see the "Application Instructions and Timeline" section below. 

The Department of Music offers two undergraduate degrees: The Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts in Music, both with a variety of concentrations and possible minors. For a complete list of our available Undergraduate and Graduate music programs, please visit Academics​. 

In addition to the performance audition, the following programs have other components to be completed on Audition Day:


  • B.M. Music Education applicants must complete an interview on the day of their primary instrument audition (​Piano and Guitar students wishing to apply for the Music Education Program must also prepare a secondary audition on either a band or orchestra instrument or on voice to be completed at the time of their their piano or guitar audition.)
  • B. M. Music Composition applicants must audition on their primary instrument and interview with the Composition faculty; scores of three compositions for varying instruments or ensembles are required at the interview.
  • B. M. Music Theory and B. M. Music History & Literature applicants must audition on their primary instrument (see specific requirements for your instrument/voice), submit a written statement saying why the applicant is interested in either Music Theory or History & Literature, and interview with Theory/History faculty respectively.

To apply to the Graduate program, please click here​.

If you are interested in receiving general information about the Department of Music, please fill out our Interest Reply Form​.​​​​​​​​​​​

Audition/Interview Dates for Fall 2014 Admission

Auditions for Fall 2014 admission will be held on the week of February 3-8, 2014.

Note: date changes may occur based on professors' availability. We will do our best to honor your first-choice audition date requests.

Note: not every instrumental area will be available every day that week. Please refer to this list when requesting your audition date:

  • Brass: February 6, 7, 8
  • Percussion: February 3-8​
  • Piano: February 3, 4, 5
  • Strings (including Harp and Guitar): February 6, 7, 8
  • Voice: February 3, 4, 5​
  • Woodwind: February 3 (no flute), 4, 5, 6

If you are unable to audition on a date when your instrument is offered, please email ​the Department of Music for alternative options.

All applicants who audition on the published audition dates are automatically considered for music scholarship. Please visit Student Financial Services for more information regarding financial aid and University funding opportunities. All prospective students who audition on any of these dates are automatically considered for music scholarship awards.

Despite inclement weather, auditions for the week of Feb 3-8 are proceeding as originally planned. If you are unable to travel to campus due to the weather, please email​ to reschedule. We will do everything we can to accommodate your rescheduling requests.

If any of the auditions must be cancelled due to inclement weather, the make-up date is February 15, 2014.

Application Instructions and Timeline
​​​​​​   1.  Apply ​to the University of Delaware​ (By 1/15/2014)

   2.  Submit Prescreening​ (Composition and Undergraduate Voice Applicants ONLY) (For priority consideration, by 1/1/2014)
3. Submit Department of Music Audition Request Form​ (By 1/15/2014)​
   4.  Audition Confirmation Email and Online Music Theory Placement Test
All applicants will receive, via email, confirmation of their upcoming audition. Confirmation emails will include details on the following:
  1. Audition date, time, and location
  2. Driving and parking directions
  3. Instructions and password for the required online Music Theory Placement Test. This test must be completed at least one week before the confirmed audition date. NOTE: Students who submit their Audition Request Form on January 15th will have less time to complete the required online Music Theory Placement Test.
   5.  Audition! (February 3-8, 2014)
​Requirements for auditioning as a music major or minor can be found by selecting your instrument from the list below. 

​For ​​placement in a University ensemble, please visit: Audition Information for Choral or Instrumental Ensembles.​