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Ensemble Auditions
Spring 2016 Auditions
Sign-up sheets will be posted by Friday, February 5
on the bulletin board on the first floor of AED, across from the elevator.
Sunday, February 7
Wind and Brass Symphonic Band Ensemble Auditions
10:30am-noon: AED 110: Orchestra Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone
12:00pm-4:00: AED 120: Percussion
1-5pm:  AED 116: Clarinet and Saxophone
1-3:30 pm:1-3:30pm: AED 118: Band Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone
7-9pm: AED 110:Orchestra Double Reeds: Bassoon    
7-9pm: AED 250 (Loudis)  Euphonium and Tuba
7-9:30pm:  AED 116: Flute8
7-9pm: AED  118: Horn
Audition Signup Sheets Posted outside respective rooms

Jazz Auditions
Auditions sign-up sheets will be posted on the Jazz Bulletin Board outside AED 103

2-3pm:  AED 103: Jazz Vocals
4-5:30pm:  AED 134:  Jazz Trombone
3:30-5:30pm:  AED 103:  Jazz Rhythm: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drumset
(Rhythm Section(piano,guitar,bass,drums)
5-6:30pm:  AED 116: Jazz Saxophone
Monday, February 8
1:00-2:30: Flute/Piccolo: AED 110
3:35-5:30pm:  AED 207:  Band Trumpet
6-7pm:  AED 137:  Jazz Trumpet

Piano Private Study
Please contact Professor Delbeau:
Vocal Private Study
Please contact Dr. DeMent:

Classical Guitar
Please contact Professor Taggart:

Please contact Dr. Anderson:

Please contact Karen Flint:
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