MUSC100: Recital Attendance Syllabus



1) Encourage every music student to experience as many music offerings as possible in the development of comprehensive musical literacy.
2) Foster an environment where students support their colleagues and faculty within the context of a shared musical experience.

Course requirements:
1) You must attend all Friday General Student Recitals (GSRs):
a. GSRs are held in Gore Recital Hall on Fridays from 1:25-2:15 pm unless otherwise noted.
b. A maximum of 3 absences from GSRs is allowed. After 3 absences, you will fail the course.
2) You must attend eight events from the list of approved performances, posted on the MUSC100 Sakai page.

Game Rules:
1) To receive attendance credit, you must swipe in at the beginning of a performance, and swipe out at the end of a performance with your UD ID card.
a. ID card broken? Lost? Stolen? Manually enter your UD ID # into the swiping system laptop. Proofread.
b. No credit is given for an event if you arrive more than 10 min. late or leave more than 10 min. early.
c. Friends don’t let friends swipe other friends’ ID cards. No cheating; swipe it yourself.

2) More than 3 absences from GSR or failure to attend 8 approved performances from the list will result in a failing grade.

3) No incomplete grades will be given for this course. Only a grade of PASS or FAIL.

4) You will not receive Recital Attendance credit for participation in Studio Recitals, Student Recitals, and other departmental ensemble performances. (If you play in a GSR, you still need to swipe in and out.)

5) Only those events included on the “Approved Performances” Sakai list will count towards your eight required events.

6) It is your responsibility to keep a record of your recital attendance. Sakai is available as a back-up.

7) Missed it the first time? More than 3 absences from General Student Recitals or failure to attend at least 8 approved performances will result in a failing grade. Don’t be a statistic.

Students should reference Sakai every semester for course syllabus and list of Approved Events.