All students must work closely with their studio teacher to determine the timing of their recital and repertoire selections. Recital requirements vary by degree program. Those degree programs with required recitals (either one or two) are as follows:

• B.M. in Applied Music: MUSC301 and MUSC401
• B.M. in Music Education: MUSC301
• B.M. in Composition: MUSC401*

*Successful completion of the Undergraduate Composition Degree recital is attained through a cumulative process. Composition premieres garnered by students throughout their years of study at the University of Delaware may be counted as part of the Degree Recital. Each premiere must be of a piece that was composed by the student during the period in which he/she is matriculated at the University of Delaware. Premieres on and off campus may be considered providing that the student informs his/her composition professor of the date and time of each premiere, ahead of time, so that a member of the Composition Area faculty may attend. Presentation of a concert program after the fact will not be acceptable. A recording with the relevant concert program may be acceptable in the case of an out-of-state premiere, a conference premiere or a premiere that a composition professor is unable to attend.

All other music major recitals are considered non-degree (no course registration) with the approval of their private study instructor:

• B.M in Theory
• B.M. in History & Literature
• B.A. in Music (with or w/o Management Concentration)







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