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Undergraduate Programs

​The curricula for undergraduate students majoring in music lead to the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees. All programs in music provide effective preparation for graduate study. The programs in the Bachelor of Music degree are directed to those who intend to become professional musicians. They offer opportunities to major in Music Education, Theory/Composition or Applied Music in band or orchestral instruments, piano, classical guitar and voice. The Bachelor of Arts degree offers the opportunity for professional study in music within a liberal arts context. Depending on the degree program and concentration chosen, course requirements and sequence will vary. The total number of credits required to graduate ranges from 124 to 133 according to the program.

Bachelor of Music in Applied Music is designed to develop the highest level of proficiency in instrumental or vocal performance.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education is designed specifically to educate and provide certification for those intending to teach music in elementary or secondary schools. The major offers two tracks: instrumental music education and choral/general music education. Students in both tracks are able to gain classroom experience through extensive, field-based teaching opportunities that begin as early as the sophomore year.

Bachelor of Music in Composition emphasize instruction in musical composition. For more information about this program please visit the Composition Website​.

Bachelor of Music in Music Theory emphasize instruction in music theory

Bachelor of Music in Music History and Literature focuses on the history of Western music. It is primarily designed for students who wish to pursue graduate study in musicology.

Bachelor of Arts in Music is structured to provide broad coverage of music theory, music history/literature, and applied music combined with a liberal arts education applicable to a variety of career interests. Many students in this major are talented musicians who have studied an instrument extensively during their high school years and wish to continue their musical studies while exploring other academic and career interests.

Bachelor of Arts in Music with concentration in Music Management Studies provides opportunities that prepare students for administrative careers within the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors of the music industry. In addition, a 4+1 option is offered with the Bachelor of Arts in Music Management to obtain a Master in Business Administration in a 5th year of study.​


Freshmen majors receive advisement during New Student Orientation during New Student Orientation and are also assigned faculty advisors in the Department of Music. Minors have advisors both in their major department and in the Department of Music. Freshmen are required to meet with their music advisors early in the year and are encouraged to visit and talk with their advisors frequently throughout their college career. Discussion may include course selection, problems with specific courses, professional opportunities or just sharing the excitement of learning something new. Private instruction brings even more opportunities for personal guidance. ​