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UD Choral Ensembles — FAQ
There are four major choral ensembles at the University of Delaware.
Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions by students and community members regarding participation:

How do I get into a choir at University of Delaware?
Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. You can find information about the entire process here on the website (see Auditions).

What if I am a community member, and not a full-time student? 
You may be eligible for Schola Cantorum, our large symphonic chorus composed of students, faculty, and community members. You can read about the various ensembles at UD here on our website. And the audition process for all choirs is the same. Just sign-up.

How do I register for the choir I’ve been assigned to?
Please contact our undergraduate advisor, Shari Feldman ( for assistance with course registration.  Remember, just because you have been assigned to a particular choir does NOT mean that you are registered for it as a course.  You must take that final step.

Can I take choir for ‘0' credit?
There is a special arrangement for those who are in Schola Cantorum to participate through Community Registration, which does include a fee, but substantially less than it would cost you to add an 18th credit. See the director or the choir manager if you prefer to register in this way. The other ensembles require that you to register for participation.

What if I have other questions?
Please email us here