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Jazz Chamber Ensemble

MUSC 321-010


Course Information:
Entrance to Jazz Ensembles by audition each semester
Jazz Chamber Ensemble gives the student an opportunity to read, explore and perform a wide variety of jazz literature. Students will be developing their improvisational skills.


Requirements and Policies:
Auditions will be held every semester.
The ensemble will meet for one hour a week with the director. You are required to meet one hour on your own.

Legal Real Books only.


Your grade will be based on attendance, attitude and being prepared to play your part.
An excused absence will be granted in accordance with University policy (religious holidays, death in the family, etc.)
Sickness will be considered an excused absence only if a doctor's note is provided.
An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a failing grade.



Performance Calendar:

Thursday, April 19, Concert, 8:00 pm Loudis

Note: there may be more performances TBA in class.