Suzuki is a unique method for teaching young children to play musical instruments.  Our Suzuki instructors have all been trained by registered Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) teacher trainers.  Suzuki instruction is currently offered in guitar, piano, and violin.  Children as young as four years old may register for Suzuki instruction. 


Nearly fifty years ago, Shinichi Suzuki realized that the principles of how children learned to speak their native language could be applied to learning music.  Suzuki called his method the “mother-tongue approach.”  He included the ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement, and constant repetition as features of the Suzuki approach. 


Private lessons and group classes are included in each Suzuki session.  Parents are required to attend the lessons as they will be the coaches in home practicing.   


Suzuki parents are also required to attend an educational session which will be held once in early September/late August and once in early January.  All Suzuki parents are required to read Shinichi Suzuki's book "Nurtured by Love​" in order to get a firm understanding of the method and how it was developed. Please also visit the Suzuki Association website for more information and please consider attending the one day "Every Child Can​" course that is periodically offered by the association.

​​​Parents Meeting Dates 2017-2018, free but registration is required
  • Schedule will be announced soon
​​Registration required: Online Registration Form​ > Class Type "Workshops" > "Suzuki Parent Meeting"


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Students must provide their own instrument for lessons (except for piano) and have access to a practice instrument. An acoustic instrument is required for Suzuki Institute students. Digital or electronic instruments are not acceptable nor are electric or acoustic steel string guitars acceptible.  UDCMS does not rent or sell instruments.  There are several local companies that have instrument purchase and rental programs.


Year-round registration available for private instruction and Suzuki instruction
Email us to inquire about prorated rates or other possible prorated classes.​ ​