Our Suzuki program includes private lessons and group classes which are both considered essential to each student's development into a musician and a good person.  The private lesson portion of the registration will function for the student's primary method in the acquisition of new material and technique on their instrument.  In addition to the private lessons, students also join a group class which is considered to be the most essential part of Suzuki as it provides an opportunity for students to hear and see other students perform, perform with other students, perform for other students, and participate in musical games and activities that help to develop not only their musical understanding but also maintains the student's intrinsic motivation and desire to learn.

(12 weeks)
(6 weeks)
(8 weeks)
​Suzuki Violin/Guitar weekly 30 minute private lesson with weekly 45 minute group class
​$500 ​$250 ​$333
​Suzuki Piano
weekly 30 minute private lesson with biweekly 45 minute group class ​$440
(6 group)
(3 group)
(4 group)
​Suzuki Piano (Bak) weekly 30 minute private lesson with weekly 45 minute group class ​$500 ​$250 ​$333
​ ​


In addition to one 30-minute private lesson each week, Suzuki students will participate in either weekly or biweekly 45-minute group lessons per session. Status of group classes as weekly or biweekly has been determined by the instructor and CMS and is not negotiable.  Participation in group classes is required. Group classes are essential for the success of students by helping students to gain experience in ensemble playing, learning theory, gaining new technical skills, and gaining a greater joy in their instrument and the process of learning.

UDCMS offers Suzuki instruction aligning with our semesters:


​Fall Semester: Monday, September 11, 2017 – mid-December 

Winter Semester: January – early February

Spring Semester: February - April

Summer Semester: May - July

Instructors and Group Class Schedules:

  • Parents interested in enrolling their children should contact the CMS office ( to be added to an appropriate waitlist from which openings are filled as they occur.

Instructor: Kevin Cope​
Weekly Group Class Schedule: Monday 5:35-6:20pm or Friday 6:00-6:45pm (separate classes)

Piano (email us to be added to our waitlist)
Instructor: Dr. Liang Liang
Biweekly Group Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday 5:35-6:20pm (separate classes) 

Instructor: Lydia Bak 
Weekly Group Class Schedule: Tuesday 6:00-6:45pm

Violin (email us to be added to our waitlist)​
Weekly Group Class Schedule: Monday 5:00-5:45pm or Saturday 11:15am-12pm (separate classes)

Instructor: Shoshana Lieberman
Weekly Group Class Schedule: Thursday 5:45-6:30pm

​Instructors will contact parents/students directly to set up private lesson schedule.