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Percussion Audition Repertoire

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All Music Majors

  • Snare Drum - Applicant must be able to demonstrate the following:

    • One rudimental solo from any of the following authors: Harr, Wilcoxon, Pratt, etc.

    • One concert solo from any of the following authors: Cirone, Podemski, Albright, etc.

    • A loud closed roll

    • A soft closed roll

    • Playing of the following rudiments from memory:

      • Flam accent #1 and 2

      • Flam paradiddle

      • Flamacue

      • Flamtaps

      • Ratamacues

      • Triple Ratamacues

  • Timpani - Applicant must be able to:

    • Tune two drums a fourth and fifth apart

    • Perform a solo from any of the following authors: Firth, Goodman, etc.

  • Keyboard Mallet - Applicant must be able to demonstrate the following:

    • All major scales one octave

    • A two octave chromatic scale

    • Two octave major and minor arpeggios in all inversions in all keys

    • A two or four mallet solo of your choice

  • Drum Set (optional)

    • Swing patterns, funk patterns, Latin patterns

Minors, Merit and Honors

  • Same snare drum requirement as major

  • Tune timpani to intervals of P5 and P4

  • Two octave scales on a keyboard mallet instrument up to 4 sharps and 4


  • ​Keyboard Mallets
    • A two and a four mallet solo, preferably from a recent senior recital.
    • Three xylophone excerpts.
    • Three bell excerpts
    •  Sight-reading
  • Timpani
    •  A four-drum timpani solo 
    • Four timpani excerpts.
  • Snare Drum
    • Two solo snare drum pieces, one in a rudimental style, and one in concert style.
    • Four snare drum excerpts. 
    • Sight-reading
  • Drumset (percussion studio GA only)
    • Demonstrate proficiency, particularly in Caribbean grooves

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Percussion Audition Repertoire
  • School of Music
  • Amy E. du Pont Music Building
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-2578