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Saxophone Audition Repertoire

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All Undergraduate Students and Programs

  • All major scales (two octaves where possible, full range preferred) tongued, or slurred. Two octave or full range chromatic scale, slurred.
  • Sight-reading: You will be required to sight-read a brief excerpt.
  • Prepare 8 minutes worth of music on the saxophone of your choice. Contrast is encouraged!

    The list below offers some suggestions, however you may substitute your own selections of equal or greater difficulty. Generally speaking, high school All-State and Regional audition repertoire work well also.
Creston - Sonata
Glazunov - Concerto
Bozza - Improvisation et Caprice
Maurice - Tableaux de Provence
Milhaud - Scaramouche
Heiden - Sonata
Tcherepnine - Sonatine Sportive
Decruck - Sonata
Demersseman - Fantaisie sur un theme original
Couf - Introduction, Dance, and Furioso
Eccles - Sonata
Jacobi - Sonata
Singelee - any Concertino or Solo (several for tenor, soprano, and bari)
Bach, Handel, or Telemann - Sonata transcriptions for saxophone (many for tenor)
Demersseman - Premier Solo (tenor)
Villa-Lobos - Fantasia (tenor/soprano)
DiPasquale - Sonata (tenor)
Duckworth - Pitt County Excursions (tenor)
Devienne - Adagio and Rondo (tenor)
Bennett - Concerto in G minor (tenor)

Ostransky - Ballet Impressions (tenor)


Applied Music (Performance)‚Äč

Graduate students should prepare 15 minutes of repertoire that is at least the level of what would be performed on an Undergraduate music major degree recital. Please include:

  • 3 contrasting pieces or excerpts from pieces.

Jazz players may include up to one transcribed solo plus one improvised solo, but at least one classical solo is required.

Sound advice from Professor Groves:

At UD, we encourage each saxophonist to choose which saxophone to play as a primary voice. Because of this, you may audition on the saxophone of your choice. While it is preferable to choose repertoire written for the saxophone that you decide to play, it is acceptable to play alto saxophone repertoire on tenor, baritone, or soprano saxophone.

When choosing repertoire, try to find music that showcases your skills while still challenging you.  If you choose music that is extremely easy for you, the audition panel will be left wondering what your real skill level is.  On the other hand, if you over-reach and try to play music that is too difficult for your ability level, that does not present you at your best either.

Optional: Students interested in a jazz minor or experienced in jazz may prepare a jazz etude, transcribed solo, or improvise over a tune of their choice. Contact the saxophone instructor, Todd Groves, if you have questions

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Saxophone Audition Repertoire
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  • Phone: 302-831-2578