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Violin Audition Repertoire

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An adjustment of audition repertoire below can be approved by faculty upon request

Bachelor of Music in Applied Violin (Performance)

  • One Etude of your choice from Kreutzer 42 Studies OR Rode 24 Caprices, memorization required.

  • The first movement of a standard concerto with cadenza (if applicable), Classical or Romantic periods, memorization required.

  • One work of the applicant's choice, memorization required.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Composition, Theory, and History and Literature

  • Prepare two major and two minor key three-octave scales with major and minor key arpeggios from Carl Flesch Scale System's section #5, memorization required. UD faculty will pick the key of scale during the audition.
  • First movement of a violin concerto from the Baroque, Classical or Romantic period with cadenza (if applicable), memorization preferred but not required.

Bachelor of Arts; Minors; Merit and Honors Private Study

  • Prepare one major or minor key three-octave scale with major and minor key arpeggios from Carl Flesch Scale System section #5.
  • Any prepared violin solo piece of your choice, memorization not required


Applied Music (Performance)

  • One Fugue from Bach's unaccompanied Sonatas, memorization required. 
  • One Paganini Caprice or one showpiece  no shorter than 5 minutes of the applicant's choice, memorization required
  • One movement of a standard major concerto from the Romantic or 20th century periods with a standard cadenza (if applicable), memorization required.

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Violin Audition Repertoire
  • School of Music
  • Amy E. du Pont Music Building
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-2578