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Music Minors

The School of Music offers six different music minors, four of which can be paired with any undergraduate major at the University. Some minors are restricted to those who have passed a playing audition.

Auditions for music minors and ensemble participation are held the day before classes begin each fall and spring semester. Incoming freshmen may audition for a music minor as early as the day before classes in August. Audition Days in January are reserved for prospective music majors and graduate students, hoping to matriculate in the fall. Students wishing to minor, but not major, in music should not audition during January Audition Days.

Students interested in participating in a vocal or instrumental ensemble must attend Ensemble Auditions at the beginning of the semester, regardless of declared major or minor.

Please check the UD Course Catalog for complete program plan requirements.

To formally declare any of the following music minors in UDSIS, please submit the Change of Major/Minor Web form. Instructions for this form are available on Registrar’s website.”



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Frequently Asked Questions
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