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Jazz Minor

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Audition Requirements

All Players:

  • All major and harmonic minor scales
  • Demonstrate knowledge of chords: Minor 7, Dominant 7, Major 7
  • Sigh reading a standard jazz ensemble part
    Improvise over a standard form such as a blues progression

Horn players:

  • Prepare one transcribed solo -- published or something you have transcribed

Piano, Guitar, Bass:

  • Comp chord changes in a swing, Latin or funk style

Drum set:

  • Demonstrate different feels: swing, Latin, funk
  • Be able to solo in these styles, trade fours, eighths, etc...
  • Demonstrate the basic snare drum rudiments


  • Perform a 12-bar blues song of your choice -- Recommendation or something similar to Billies Bounce
    • Play the melody ("head")
    • Improvise on at least three choruses
    • Play the melody ("head") and end the song
  • Perform a chord-melody on a song of your choice

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Jazz Minor
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Jazz Minor
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  • Phone: 302-831-2578