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Recent Graduates

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DispForm.aspx2019BA Music; BA Health Sciences <div class="ExternalClass2A1F9E88852842D8888EC1D1EF652287"><p>Attending the University of Toronto graduate program in Music and Health Sciences​</p></div>
DispForm.aspx2019BM in Tuba Performance<div class="ExternalClass9787E5C309944BDE8A3AB7389BCDCD9F"><p>​Contrabass bugler with “The Cammandant’s Own” United States Marines Drum and Bugle Corps</p></div>
DispForm.aspx2017MM Composition and Clarinet Performance<div class="ExternalClassCF3B3A622280421C8BB0516C6FDE8903"><p>Has been accepted to the Ph.D. in Composition program at the University of Florida​</p></div>
DispForm.aspx2019BM in Music Education<div class="ExternalClassAEAFE8963CD14E0FBB873A1C0B279A98"><p>​is attending Indiana University for a MM in Collaborative Piano<br></p></div>

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Recent Graduates
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  • School of Music
  • Amy E. du Pont Music Building
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-2578