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​​How can I register?

How do I pay?

  • Online: Payment is the second step of registration.  A link to complete the payment will be emailed to you after you submit your online registration.
  • Paper Form: Submit a check, credit card information, or cash when you submit your registration form.

Private Lessons

What is the difference in instructor levels?
  • ​Instructor levels do not reflect the level of the student.
  • ​Junior instructors are current undergraduate students in the UD Department of Music.
  • Professional instructors are area instructors or UD graduate students.  All professional instructors hold at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Artist instructors are UD School of Music Professors (limited availability).

​How can I register ​for less than a full semester?

  • ​​Complete an online registration or send a completed paper form.  Forms will always show full session (12 lessons (8 for summer)) but payment can be made to include fewer lessons. Per lesson rates:
    • ​Junior rate: $26.66 (30 min); $39.99 (45 min); $53.32 (60 min)
    • Professional rate: $31.25 (30 min); $46.87 (45 min); $62.50 (60 min)
    • Artist rate: $40 (30 min); $60 (45 min); $80 (60 min)

Where are lessons held?

Where can I get an instrument?

  • CMS and the University of Delaware can not offer instrument rental or purchase.
  • Many area music stores can provide instrument rental and/or purchase.

Group Classes

​​Can I join a class mid-semester?

  • Music for Young Minds: Joining a class mid-semester is typically permitted. Please inquire.
  • Ensembles: Joining classes after about the second week is not advised.  Please inquire.
  • Children's Choirs:​​ Student are expected to participate through the whole year.  New student auditions are held prior to the first week of rehearsals.  Occasionally a student may audition and join after the first few classes but any later is typically not possible. Please inquire.

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