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Ensemble Participation

Participation in music ensembles is open to all students university-wide regardless of major. Music majors and other students enrolled in private study are required to participate in an approved ensemble.

Participation in many School of Music ensembles can fulfill the University Arts and Humanities Breadth Area elective, and some may be taken for zero credit. For details, visit the online course catalogue.

List of Student Ensembles

Fall 2020 ensemble auditions are by video submission.

Deadline for all recorded excerpts: August 30, 11:59 p.m.

​Go to to send your video clip to the studio professor. (Note, this is NOT Dropbox, this is a UD specific service)

Drop Box Instructions

​1. Click the "Drop Off" button.

drop off instruction visual

2. Fill out the page as shown below. For Box 1, enter your information. For Box 2, fill out the name and email of the appropriate studio instructor.

3. In Box 3, click the "Browse" button to select files on your computer to send to UD.

4. When finished, click the "Drop-Off Files" button. Please allow your computer time to send the files. You should see a percentage at the bottom of your Internet browser indicating the progress of the upload process.

Audition Excerpts

Bass Trombone(send to Bruce Tychinski,

Bassoon(send to Lynn Moncilovich,

Clarinet (send to Chris Nichols,

Euphonium (send to Brian Brown,

Flute/Piccolo(send to Eileen Grycky,

Horn (send to John David Smith,

Jazz Bass (send to Miles Brown,

Jazz Bass Trombone (send to Bruce Tychinski,

Jazz Drumset(send to Tom Palmer,

Jazz Guitar(send to Dave Bozenhard,

Jazz Piano(send to Tom Palmer,

Jazz Saxophone(send to Todd Groves,

Jazz Tenor Trombone (send to Bruce Tychinski,

Jazz Trumpet(send to Mark Clodfelter,

​Jazz Voice(send to Tom Palmer,

Oboe(send to Merideth Hite Estevez,

Percussion(send to Gene Koshinski,

Saxophone(send to Todd Groves,

Strings (send to James Allen Anderson,

Tenor Trombone(send to Bruce Tychinski,

Trumpet(send to Mark Clodfelter,

Tuba(send to Brian Brown,


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